About us...We decided in the Spring of 2010 to combine our 40 years of successful real estate, construction, and building sales careers into a real estate team providing the ultimate experience for our clients.  All these years later, we are still going strong!  Whether buying or selling a property, we treat our customers with the highest degree of patience, respect, and zero pressure environment available in the industry. Our past awards for outstanding customer service and goals of customer satisfaction are carried forward throughout every transaction. We’ll work with you diligently from the first time we meet until you’re comfortably settled into your new dream home or moving on in search of the perfect new lifestyle opportunity.  Experience the commitment and hands-on treatment of professional individuals who are pledged to work with you and for you in the ever-increasingly competitive local real estate market. As always, your referrals are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Dave and Luci Stifel, Realtors  photo
Dave and Luci Stifel, Realtors

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TESTIMONIAL - As a small business owner, my company has bought and sold 25 residential properties in the last 9 years. Dave & Luci handled both the purchase & sale of these properties. On the purchase side, they were instrumental in searching out properties for potential purchase by my company. I completely trust their "real-estate transaction" competence; all purchase & sale transactions were handled in the most professional & compassionate manner. Many thanks to them both!

 Donald Lee